1. sick of selfish people in my life everywhere

    frustrated with everything

    every area of my life brains gonna explode

    run away


  2. someone lies once they’ll do it again

    warsan shire you can’t make homes out of human beings

    no, you can’t make graves

    they’re hanging like ghosts on the wardrobe in your head


  3. Brad Pitt (1988)

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  7. joana-patrasc:


    When one feels the emotion but isn’t able to express it. Each open window is a failed attempt at communicating. In the end there is nothing more substantial than “still mad at you.”


    Coming to terms that there isn’t anything else left to be said. 


  8. I keep blowing my nose and pop 

    something is definitely wrong

    people keep saying the air smells different here and I’m not sure what they are talking about

    all I taste is blood on my lips

    and cherries are falling on the rooftops where my thoughts lay

    buried in the cold Winter that seems to fade away

    quicker quicker

    and it’s gone 

    I didn’t even get to say goodbye

    you’ve been on my mind, you’re always on my mind

    where are you now what are you doing did you ever even exist

    or has it been me all along

    why are all of the fruits plucked out of the tree

    wouldn’t it be nicer to breathe 

    for the last time through a lens so bright it shows the truth


    they tell me to tell you things about this world 

    but they fool themselves into thinking you listen

    people always describe their camaraderie as wonderful and fruitful

    that’s true 

    there’s nothing much to say about them

    every poem is about flowers and tears

    nobody reads poetry anyway

    every romance withers

    every thought fades every song is over everyone is forgotten what is the point of it all 

    I give up on writing empty things

    I think of you sometimes

    and you and you and you

    if I could get rid of an organ it would be my brain

    what a useless piece of shit 

    I wish I could erase my memory for good

    for all it serves to do is torture me day in and day out

    reminds me of

    that time of you

    that time of you picking me up as a child and painting my nails 

    the “red water” dripping down walls

    but don’t go too far back down too far into the past 

    that’s what humans say

    don’t think


    or what about the time you all thought you were happy

    only to realise the lips you were kissing 

    were smiling at others on midnight trips to

    the person behind the screen

    what if you can’t forget it

    and that person is just a stranger

    everybody is a stranger

    everybody is lying

    i don’t know what i’m saying




  10. She understood that the hardest times in life to go through were when you were transitioning from one version of yourself to another.
    — Sarah Addison Allen, Lost Lake  (via elige)

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